My Breast Cancer Story - Sue Dash

I am a Breast Cancer survivor.

During the time I was undergoing treatment I found transport to and from appointments a huge issue. Due to the side-effects of treatment, I was unable to drive my car to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital for treatment sessions 5 days per week for 7 weeks.


The costs: from Two Rocks….A taxi cost one way $138.00 plus a call out fee …waiting time for 12 mins of radiation plus dressings or consults with a doctor, add another 30mins and then a return fee of $124.00… (Which I really do not understand why it was cheaper!) Total cost approx.…$275-$300 per day x 5 days a week for 7 weeks…




Yes thousands of dollars!!!

Using Public transport would have been very difficult. This option would have required me to take a bus, then a train, then another bus… 3.5 hours travel to attend 12 mins of treatment. Then 3.5 hours to travel back.In the first couple of weeks I could possibly have dealt with it all whilst still not feeling too bad with the onset of treatment. Also, medical professionals at the hospital advised me not to drive to and from treatments due to possible side effects from my treatment plan. Once the lack of concentration, tiredness, and emotional state of mind sets in, along with the costs of daily radiation treatment which escalate, this becomes a real issue…

I was and will always be thankful to my family, friends,the local CWA, and the ladies of Yanchep and Two Rocks, who came to the rescue with a roster of willing drivers THANK YOU X.


If you are in need of advice or have questions about cancer call:

Cancer Council Helpline 13 11 20 8am-6pm Monday to Friday