Yanchep Golf Estate stand behind TRYACT and local residents

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Peet Limited is proud to partner with TRYACT as part of Yanchep Golf Estate’s Community Partnership Program.

The Program, which launched in 2013, helps local groups and organisations deliver services, projects and initiatives that benefit the Yanchep-Two Rocks community.

For future Yanchep Golf Estate residents Karen and Terry Bradley, the estate’s support of TRYACT has a lot of meaning after their daughter Ruby was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011.

“Ruby was six when she was diagnosed with brain cancer – we were devastated,” said Karen. “She is in the clear now, but still requires an MRI every three months to make sure the cancer hasn’t come back.

“We were so happy to learn that Yanchep Golf Estate’s supports a service like TRYACT – it’s such an important service for the community.

“What many people don’t realise is that when you have cancer, you can’t just hop on a bus to go and receive treatment. Both cancer and the treatment really knock down the immune system and catching public transport can make you really sick.”

Yanchep Golf Estate is nestled between Sun City Country Club and Yanchep National Park, and on the doorstep for the future Yanchep City. The estate will be home to around 1,500 households when complete.

If you’re interested in joining this community, contact Sales Representative Nicola Rose on 0438 382 060 or yanchepgolfestate@peet.com.au. Explore the estate at yanchepgolfestate.com.au.

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Craft Supply sale Day

At Autumn  Market Day Yanchep Central Shopping Centre


Heading 1

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Come and get a bargin at our next stall day.

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Kez's cards always on sale at a $1 each.
Also handcrafted toys, beanies, rugs at various prices.

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Bethany Market Day March 20th 2021.


Jo shaved her head as a fundraiser...


Well done Jo!

May Market Day Yanchep Cetral 

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