Local Ladies Lose Locks for Worlds Greatest Shave!

Local ladies Jo Holding and Sue Dash stood in front of the Yanchep Two Rocks Festival earlier today, in support of young Victoria Martinez (11) who shaved off her hair in support for the Leukemia Foundations 'World's Greatest Shave".

This was the first time Victoria has been without her hair since she was diagnosed at the young age of 4 with blood Cancer. The Leukemia Foundation hosts this annual event to raise funds and support patients with Leukemia and various other cancers of the blood.

When asked how she felt about her bald head Jo Holding replied that she "Isnt looking forward to winter" but luckily all the girls are prepared with beanies and hats to keep thier heads warm. Both Jo and Sue are currently in the process of forming a not for profit organisation to assist local Cancer residents with transport and emotional support.

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Craft Supply sale Day

At Autumn  Market Day Yanchep Central Shopping Centre


Heading 1

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Come and get a bargin at our next stall day.

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Kez's cards always on sale at a $1 each.
Also handcrafted toys, beanies, rugs at various prices.

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Bethany Market Day March 20th 2021.


Jo shaved her head as a fundraiser...


Well done Jo!

May Market Day Yanchep Cetral 

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